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CEC denies Butun Kyrgyzstan Emgek party in redress of grievances

The Central Election Commission again denied Butun Kyrgyzstan Emgek party in the redress of grievances. The decision was made at today's meeting.

 According to the CEC member Rashid Bekbasarov, the complaints related to 45 polling stations where, according to observers of the party, ACS data did not coincide with the manual counting. At the same time the results of the latter are in favor of Butun Kyrgyzstan Emgek. "But there are no significant differences that can affect the total number of electoral votes. Therefore, we will not cancel the results of voting at these polling stations. Recalculation was carried out and it revealed no serious discrepancies in the percentage, issued by "smart ballot boxes" and the voting record," Rashid Bekbasarov said.

On October 15 CEC announced the official results of the elections. At least 6 parties gained seats in the Parliament. Butun Kyrgyzstan Emgek has not won the necessary 7 percent of votes.