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Tursunbek Akun: Parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan were held within the law

"Parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan were held within the law," representative of the National Council for monitoring of parliamentary elections 2015 Tursunbek Akun stated today at a press conference.

"But there were violations such as use of administrative resources, bribery and transportation of voters. There were many requests and complaints from residents, for example, an election campaign was held during the election in Talas region in one of the colleges, in Bishkek medical college students were driven up to one of the polling stations that created chaos and queues. There are reports that one of the parties was handing out alcohol," Tursunbek Akun said.

He added that the biometric data, the use of new technologies made it possible to hold more transparent elections and quickly count the votes. "Some citizens initially opposed the biometric registration, we also criticized it initially, but now we see that this is a positive innovation. Therefore, we support such innovations," he said.