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Regions of Kyrgyzstan have no school psychologists  

Educational institutions of only two cities - Bishkek and Osh - have school psychologists. They are financed by the mayor's offices. The Ministry of Education and Science informed 24.kg news agency.

Note, the day before, on January 31, parents of teenagers met in Bishkek to discuss the problem of the so-called death groups "blue whales." One of them, Nurilya Chekirova, noted the need to take preventive measures to prevent tragedies.

One of the recommendations was to introduce lessons with psychologists for children at critical age (12-17 years). However, as it turned out, regional schools have no psychologists.

According to the Ministry of Education, social teachers are compulsory working in all schools in the country (there are 2, 218 of them). 

First of all, the aid is provided to orphans, disadvantaged children, those who are in difficult situations.

At least 524 suicide attempts, including 90 among children, have been registered in 2015. These are the people who were in hospitals and were discharged. According to the Ombudsman's Institute, in 2014 teenagers have committed 106 suicides, in 2015 - 96, for five months of 2016 - 49.