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SCNS checks US Embassy’s message about possible terrorist attacks in Kyrgyzstan

The State Committee for National Security checks the message of the US Embassy about possible terrorist attacks in Kyrgyzstan. The State Committee informed 24.kg news agency.

As SCNS noted, the Embassy did not provide any details to the security services of the Kyrgyz Republic. The check began after the publication of the statements in the media.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic also takes part in the check of the message.

The US Embassy reported that it received information indicating the possibility of terrorist acts in Kyrgyzstan in October, which could potentially be linked to the kidnapping and hostage-taking and directed against the local authorities and foreign diplomats. 

"Although there is no specific threats against US citizens, the Embassy would like to use this opportunity to remind US citizens who live or travel in Kyrgyzstan to take personal security measures, including in public places and in public transport," statement said.

A similar message has been spread by the British Embassy. It also noted that there is no specific data about the danger to British nationals, but it requested to remain vigilant.