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Russia allocates 4.2 M soms to improve irrigation in Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan

Altyn-Aryk irrigation canal, which was restored with financial support of the Russian Federation, was commissioned in Naryn region. Public Relations Expert of "Integrated development of Naryn region" UNDP Programme Mirlan Dyikanbaev told 24.kg news agency.

The cost of the canal's rehabilitation with the length of over 12 kilometers amounted to 4.2 million soms, or $ 71,457.

It was noted that the last 25 years the canal, which supplies more than 60 percent of Kuyruchuk villagers with irrigation water, was not repaired. As a result, the loss of water was rapidly growing, and the area of ​​irrigated land reduced by almost a half.

"Thanks to rehabilitation of the canal, 400 hectares of agricultural land will have an improved access to irrigation water. This, in its turn, will have a positive impact on productivity and income of local farmers. Commissioning of the irrigation canal will provide water to more than 1,500 villagers of Kuyruchuk," the head of the local Association of Water Users Kaiyrbek Usonaliev said to 24.kg news agency.