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Court bans any work and trade in mini market at TsUM (photo)

The court banned any work and trade in the mini market at TsUM (Central Department Store). Neither traders nor the shopping center management can get into its territory.++


Disputes between the shopping center owners and tenants of the mini market continue since the spring. Then it was for the first time announced that the market would be closed, and a multilevel parking would be built at its place. Entrepreneurs do not agree with the decision, but the situation is not in their favor.

 The lease contract between TsUM and entrepreneurs has been drawn up in such a way that it can not be extended.

The traders have taken all possible measures to protect their interests. While they were protesting, the lawyers were looking for loopholes in the law and the possibility to negotiate with the Central Department Store's management. And they found. TsUM sent to the tenants a notice of termination of the lease and the need to take out containers. Violations have been found exactly in this document.

 "We filed a suit and asked to ban any activity in the territory till the trial is ongoing. Sverdlovsk regional court granted our petition and on September 29 issued a ruling, prohibiting any activity in the area. That is TsUM can not start work on creating parking lot here and the entrepreneurs can not trade also," the lawyer Rustam Abduraufov said.

Having gathered on Saturday, entrepreneurs have put forward requirement to the shopping center management to pay compensation of $ 3,000 if they leave the territory of the market right now, or $ 2,000 if they can work until January.

 The owners of the Central Department Store offered their option. They will provide free commercial space on the 5th floor of the shopping complex till the end of 2016.

 "We have announced the offer to tenants and now make up a list of those who agree with it. At present, 62 out of out 75 tenants have agreed with the new terms. The others moved out earlier, when the first reports that the territory should be released appeared. The issue will be resolved within a week. If the majority of the tenants agree, the technical work, including the drafting of the lease for a year, will start. When all outstanding issues are resolved, we will settle disputes out of court, and TsUM will be able to start construction of parking," the lawyer said.

However, not all entrepreneurs agreed with such conditions. And if the disputes are not resolved within this week, the market will be closed for at least another couple of months until the end of the trial.