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Non-existent apartments sold in Bishkek

Non-existent apartments are being sold in Bishkek, a resident reported to 24.kg news agency.

Bishkek resident told that he found such an advertisement when searching for apartments: "Direct sale from the owner. On the 7th floor of 9, not corner, 50 square meters. Monolithic carcass filled with the burnt bricks, seismic resistance of 9 points. Located on Akhunbaev Street, 190/2. The price of $15,000. "In personal correspondence with the property owner, who lives in Lisbon, it became clear that the money must be transferred through the system of money transfer. Only in this case he is ready to come to Bishkek for processing the transaction. As a guarantee of the seller offered to specify the recipient of any acquaintance or relative, and after the conclusion of the contract data will be changed to his name. Money should be sent in three translations for $5,000.

Author of the advertisement also sells for a knockdown price car of 2015 year model for $10,000.

"This apartment is non-existent. In Israel, Spain and Portugal, the money can be taken out without a passport. I keep in touch with him to reveal the truth and warn Kyrgyzstanis about fraud," he said.