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Bishkek City Hall ready to turn off heating tomorrow if weather forecasters give good prognosis

Bishkek City Hall is ready to turn off the heating tomorrow if the weather forecasters give a good prognosis, its press service reported to 24.kg news agency.

According to it, today, on March 9, there will be held a planned meeting with all city services, including the Emergency Situations Department. "It will be a collective decision. If the MES and Hydromet confirm that the temperature won't go down in the next ten days, then tonight we will make a decision about turning off the heating," the press service said.

Heating is turned off after order of Bishkek City Hall when the average daily air temperature outside is higher than 8 degrees Celsius for five consecutive days. There is above-zero temperature in the last two weeks in Bishkek, the citizens complain about the heat in the apartments so that they have to open the windows.