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Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan prompts new mayor of Bishkek where to start

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Temir Sariev introduced the new mayor of Bishkek Albek Ibraimov to the staff of the mayor's office the day before.

 The Prime Minister noted that one of the main tasks of the new mayor is restoring order in the city, its landscaping and social issues resolving. "At the moment, there are a lot of problems in Bishkek, and the mayor has to take care of the entire city by himself. In particular, it is about ensuring cleanliness of city streets and sidewalks, landscaping of parks and residential areas, development of transport infrastructure. I am confident that you will continue initiatives of your predecessor Kubanychbek Kulmatov, bringing in your own innovations. It is planned to hold four large events in the capital this year. In this regard, the mayor's office needs to make every effort to bring proper order to the city," press service quoted Temir Sariev as saying.

 During the meeting with the staff of the mayor's office, the Prime Minister instructed them to begin repair of roads of the capital, thus creating conditions for cyclists. "It is necessary to study the movement routes, especially on the main streets. Funds for this purpose are available. A revolutionary for the city step was made in 2015. Urban hospitals and clinics have been transferred from the local to the national budget, and the saved money (1.6 billion KGS) we have left for the development of the city," Temir Sariev said.

He added that money for the construction of five new schools in the capital will be allocated from the national budget in 2016.